“Christine brings a calm expertise, gentle humor, and sincere compassion to her practice. Her treatments have given me new insight to my back injury and general health and offered a fresh hope for a real recovery after three years of non-surgical treatments for chronic pain.”

“I began seeing Christine Ruffing from Infinity Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, LLC, in May 2013 for chronic back pain after a back surgery.  I have tried Acupuncture in the past and knew that Christine could help me. As a result I have experienced less back pain and more recently have had the pleasure of more thorough sleep. I see Christine weekly right now, but soon I hope to be seeing her twice a week to help prepare for a knee surgery. I would recommend Christine to anyone having health issues that may or may not be addressed by western medicine or would like help accepting integrative medicine.”

“I was a skeptic about acupuncture, but after having a baby and starting back up with my fitness routine I was having so much back pain and foot pain that I didn’t know what else to do. I went to Christine for help. After two sessions I began to feel much better. She is professional, kind, and knowledgable.”