Sports/Surgical Healing

heal but avoid surgery
In ancient China, there was something that has come to be called “battlefield medicine”. It was used to treat the day’s injuries so that the soldiers could be healthy enough to fight the next day. This was essential to maintaining the empire, since injured soldiers could mean defeat. We don’t have that sort of battle in our day to day lives, but there is tremendous similarity between the wounds and injuries they sustained and today’s injuries from sports participation or simply an unlucky moment walking down the stairs. It has been shown time and again that combining western medicine and Chinese medicine creates the fastest recovery from injury, often less than 50% of the usual recovery time. Chinese medicine helps the body heal itself faster. It is imperative to get to our office as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Of course, if the injury requires stitches or bone-setting, please go to your doctor or emergency room first, then get to our office. The sooner we begin work to support your immune system, and to address swelling and other issues at the sight of the injury, the faster you will begin the healing process. Sports injuries are approached from a battlefield perspective. Hits, sprains, broken bones, and other musculo-skeletal injuries are treated with acupuncture, externally-applied herbs, and tui na (a specialized massage technique). The injury itself is treated, and the body’s natural immunity is also fortified to speed healing, decrease the formation of scar tissue, and decrease the chance of infection. If getting back into the game, back into life, or simply improving your game beyond range of motion limitations is important to you, you’ll be impressed with the results! Put our number in your cell phone for when “life happens”.