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Customized, effective healthcare with a human touch
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Effective Treatments

Chinese Medicine - it's never been only acupuncture needles. It's science, physics, anti-inflammation, and so much more!


A customized, private treatment every time, and needles are kept to a minimum. A concise selection of points ensures a powerful & cohesive treatment, yet can often target multiple health concerns instead of having to make a separate appointment for each concern.


Tui Na

Tui na is a Chinese medical massage technique that is both diagnostic and treatment. It is not standard muscular massage. It requires many hours of additional training and it can be used instead of needles in some situations, especially with children or those who fear needles.



Sometimes specific liniments, oils, or herbal formulas are utilized to reduce pain, calm symptoms, and/or speed healing. These are powerful and add an additional layer to a comprehensive treatment plan customized for the patient.

Laser Light Therapy

Cold medical laser light therapy (632nm photon light beam) is useful in some conditions and may be used when appropriate.

Just Want Relief?

Hurting and unable to find a solution despite the fact that you’ve had a few tests? Want to avoid surgery if at all possible? Want to be smart and plan ahead to heal a surgery in half the time? These are only a few of our case successes, from pain and spine injury to internal medicine to sports recovery therapy and beyond:

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Back Pain and Mobility

Take a patient with a back injury, add in weekly full-body acupuncture and finesse chirporactic care, and what can you get? You might go from walking only 150 feet without a wheelchair to walking 0.5 miles without a wheelchair in a matter of months of treatment.

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Internal Medicine - Inflammation

A patient’s body was growing intestinal polyps rapidly with family history of colon cancer. Their MD prescribed colonoscopies every 3 months. We treated aggressively for 12 weeks. At their 3-month scope, they were told that things had improved greatly and “next colonoscopy in 2 years”. At the 2-year rescope, they were told that they didn’t need another for 3 years. If things look good at that scope, they have been told that the interval will be 5 years. 

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Plantar Fasciitis

This is a painful debilitating condition of the soles of the feet. It’s inflammation of the fascia as it is torn, and the tearing must be addressed first. A combination of tui na, acupuncture, and sometimes addition of moxibustion has eliminated it entirely for some patients. Cupping and gua sha may also be incorporated, according to their therapeutic appropriateness.

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